About Us


Our medical researchers and future founders began studying the NLS Diagnostic Industry in 2011. Like so many unfortunate others around the world, even they fell victim to the wily salesmanship of one of the numerous counterfeit companies which plague this industry. After exhaustive pain-staking research and corporate due diligence it was determined that the only legal manufacturer of NLS Diagnostic Systems in the world was the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) based in Omsk, Russia. This is due to the many patents, trademarks, governmental medical device registrations and copyrights that they possess, for both hardware and software. Simply put, if you see a system with graphics similar to Metatron’s and using the same 6 criterion scale, they are without a doubt counterfeit units and should be reported to NPD and your appropriate governmental medical device regulatory agency.

Why are black market counterfeits such a global industry problem?

Our market analysis concluded that the following factors play a key role:

  • IPP is based in central Siberia, where transportation and communication with the outside world has been limited
  • Lack of English support
  • Unfamiliar with western business practices/customer service
  • Weak Russian legal framework post USSR
  • Lack of legal representation abroad
  • Uniqueness of technology

Our research led to partnership with the IPP and NPD International was founded in 2013 to address these concerns. Moreover, in January 2016, NPD received power of attorney to better assist the IPP in bringing counterfeit manufacturers to justice.

Our business goal is to be the world leader in NLS-Diagnostics Systems Distribution and Medical Training!

Medical Research
Since 2013 we have been conducting Metatron research with the Chronic Disease Research Foundation, a USA non-profit Corporation. Most of the research has been conducted on Chronic Lyme Disease Patients and has centered on intestinal health and biofilm analysis, the effect on chronic disease of long-term atlas adjustments, biochemical analysis, bile duct health and the effects of geoengineering on human health. These studies should be finished by the end of 2016.

Corporate Structure
Our company is based in Hong Kong in order to take advantage of HSBC Hong Kong’s multicurrency commercial accounts. This allows us to reduce international currency exchange transaction costs and pass these savings to our global customers. Moreover, Hong Kong has been a longstanding leader in international business and offers the best combination of tax rates, access to capital markets and an internationally recognized legal system.

Most notably the company operates almost solely through outsourcing and operating costs are paid as a percentage of medical device sales. This assures our customers that we will be able to support their Metatron system indefinitely as it is basically impossible for our company to become insolvent based on our unique corporate structure.