The Metatron Z-100 is a state of the art frequency generator that is the first product of the IPP’s Japanese Joint Venture. It is an EHF (Extreme High Frequency) device that generates millimeter waves of 7.1 mm, high-frequency torsion generator of 42 GHz and right-hand polarized torsion field.

HSS 4025m Metatron systems both evaluates and restores functioning of a cell by means of specific natural frequencies, but the technology’s effects on intracellular space was limited.  “Metatron Z-100” is used as an add-on device to the 4025m main unit. Effect is brought via reflexogenic zones and acupuncture points by a right-hand polarized torsion field, therefore self-regulation and homeostasis processes are restored by means of general information control of cells.

Protein receptors in cells membranes are the primary molecular target of EHF-emission. Protective and accommodational potential of blood system is improved. At the same time ion transport, ATP synthesis, enzymes activity are strengthened. During application of this device, we observe forming of a single right-hand polarized field, typical for a healthy organism, by means of intracellular information links.

Metatron Z100 is attached to the Zu-san-li (Е36, longevity point) accupuncture point, which is one of the most frequently used acupuncture points in the body.

The name of the point itself already gives an idea that its stimulation can help to delay ageing and prolong life.

In Japan it is called “a point to treat a hundred illnesses”, in China – “heavenly gates”, “divine longevity”, “source of youth and beauty”.

It is believed that affecting longevity point may increase immunity and working efficiency, normalize blood pressure and functioning of internal organs.

Moreover, regular activation of this point may help to preserve youth.

Zu-san-li is located below a knee joint; it is relatively easy to find it. Place your right hand on a right knee (or left hand on a left knee); place finger of another hand below a little finger, between bones. Here lies a point that is charge for longevity.

Zu-san-li point is described in literature as a point that has general strengthening properties. Regular activation of Zu-san-li results in the following:

  • functioning of a cardiovascular system is improved greatly;
  • metabolism is normalized;
  • gastritis (acute and chronic), gastric spasms, hypertension, headaches, insomnia and other illnesses are cured;
  • cogitative processes are activated, memory improves;
  • stress and increased irritability are alleviated.

Longevity point regulates functioning of organs, located in a lower part of a body, including kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and adrenals, as well as reproductive system organs. It is also important that this active point controls a pineal gland, which is in charge for regulation of human biorhythms and melatonin production.

Regular affecting of hundred illnesses pint helps to normalize adrenals functioning, and to:

  • normalize blood pressure;
  • normalize glucose and insulin levels;
  • strengthen immune system;
  • suppress inflammatory processes in an organism;
  • promote recovery from gastrointestinal tract illnesses;
  • improve digestion;
  • help to recover after a stroke.

Zu-san-li point is considered exceptional because it is located on a gastrointestinal tract meridian, which includes ¾ of all immune system’s elements, more than 20 own enzymes, which are in charge for functioning of whole hormonal system.

However, the main advantage of this point activation is slowing down of ageing processes.   Surely, rejuvenation does not happen, but thanks to significant increase of energy level, secondary symptoms of ageing are eliminated and lifetime increases.

To activate “Z100 therapy” function you should select “Acupuncture points” in “Alternative diagnostics” section of a software. Session time is set automatically.

In order to achieve rejuvenescence and suspend ageing processes, sessions are performed once in a month during waxing crescent, preferably during first half of a day.

To supplement the main program of correction with HSS “Metatron”, frequency of sessions is defined on an individual basis, but not more than once in a week.

General EHF Information: EHF-therapy or therapy with millimeter waves is a method for prevention and treatment of many illnesses. It is successfully used in both medical institutions and in patient homes.

Every cell in a human organism has a specific function and by means of that organs and systems function in a harmonious manner and energy-information exchange happens. Stress, age, illnesses, inflammation processes, poor ecology disturb information links between cells. The main objective of EHF-therapy is to restore these links and normalize biochemical processes and immune system functioning.

EHF-therapy is a method of a human organism treatment with electromagnetic emission of a millimeter range (1-10 mm) of extremely high frequency (30-300 GHz) and low intensity (less than 10 µW/cm.sq.).

Organism cells membranes have own frequencies in the range of 38-78 GHz (EHF range). This range of frequencies links our cells together and allows to maintain health state of a human.

Results of EHF-therapy application:

  • Alleviation of pain and inflammatory processes
  • Immunity strengthening
  • Healing of wounds, sores and erosions within a short period of time
  • Normalization of a menstrual cycle
  • Improving of a sexual function
  • Normalization of blood, urine, etc., indices in laboratory analyses results
  • Sedative effect and sleep improvement
  • Increasing of movement amplitude in spine and joints
  • Tissues regeneration strengthening
  • Normalization of vessels tones and improvement of microcirculation
  • Protection of a blood formation system from side effects of chemical preparations and radiation treatment
  • Suppression of ageing processes
  • Millimeter waves can be used as a monotherapy
  • They have no side effects and tardive adverse effects, they are good combination with other methods of treatment (medicinal, physiotherapeutic, surgical)
  • They have not only local, but a general strengthening effect, thanks to which protective features of an organism are improved for self-sustaining fight against an illness
  • Possibility to choose treatment course individually

EHF-therapy effect to an organism:          

  • Normalization of lipid metabolism figures (decreasing of atherogenic fractions concentration and increasing of high-density lipoproteins content)
  • Normalization of coagulative and anticoagulative factors balance (normalization of Antithrombin III level, normalization of fibrinolytic activity and thrombocytic hemostasis)
  • Normalization of pro- and anti-oxidation systems ratio
  • Cells regeneration activation (fibroblasts proliferation acceleration)
  • Activation of hemogenesis in a red bone marrow
  • Normalization of rheological properties of blood (decreasing of blood viscosity, increasing of erythrocytes deformability)
  • Normalization of immune system functioning: normalization of T and B-lymphocytes and A, G and M immunoglobulins amount, normalization of neutrophils functional activity, restoration of B-lymphocytes activity and leukocytes phagocytic activity
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, based on stimulation of phagocytes functional activity, among other things
  • Normalization of catechol amines and reproductive hormones secretion
  • Effect to endogenic opioid system
  • Normalization of cerebral electric activity (stabilization of alpha rhythm, restoration of originally disturbed interzonal and interhemispheric relations of main electroencephalogram rhythms)
  • Normalization of vegetative regulation, stabilization of a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of vegetative nerve system
  • Anti-stress activity — suppression of sympathoadrenal system excessive activity and activation of stress-limiting systems
  • Suppression of flu virus reproduction in cells and virucidal effect
  • Restoration of mononuclear phagocytes’ ability to release gamma interferon, which can decrease cancer development possibility in risk group patients
  • Strengthening of cytoprotective activity (protective effect) for red marrow and liver in patients, who exposed to polychemotherapy
  • Changing of structural-dynamic properties of cell membranes
  • Deceleration of ageing processes in skin, liver and central nervous system
  • Normalization of vessels tonus and activation of microcirculation (normalization of vessels endothelium responsiveness, normalization of rheogram and rheoencephalogram figures)
  • Increasing of organism’s nonspecific resistance (stability) to various adverse factors