Clinical Research

Due to widespread counterfeiting in the NLS Diagnostics Industry. including theft/misuse of proprietary research, we unfortunately are unable to share our 8 years of United States clinical research publicly.  However, we are giving online presentations of our main research findings to licensed Doctors/Health Care Professionals.  Please contact us (form at right) to request a presentation.  

Since Metatron is the leading Integrative Medicine medical device in the world, we have a large amount of research data related to a number of medical fields, including: Psychology, Urology, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Integrative Medicine, Orthopedic, Environmental Medicine, etc.  Please specify your medical field(s) in your inquiry so that we can tailor the presentation to your interests. 

Our main research studies include:

  • Long-term monitoring of Chronic Lyme Disease Patients (over 8 years now).  These studies have focused on monitoring functional organ health, assessing pathogen correlations during Lyme “flairs” and monitoring the effectiveness of various Intravenous Therapies, Pharmaceutical and Herbal remedies.
  • From 2016 to 2017 we conducted our largest general wellness study on the general population of Utah, utilizing the Metatron 4025M Blue Opal system. 93 patients were monitored over the course of the year.  Our findings ran the gamut from amazing, shocking, uplifting and downright strange. Some of the discoveries/findings included: Radon poisoning (a major problem in Utah), sexual abuse and the long term effect on the subconscious emotional states of the victims, religions effect on emotional states, rare parasites from around the world, etc.
  • A major ongoing study of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractor Association’s (NUCCA) Atlas adjustment technique.  Based on our research, Chronic Disease is clearly correlated to a preceding head injury.  Is this due to a misaligned Atlas, the subsequent shrinking of the brain stem, and the dysfunction of other systems that pass through the misaligned neck? The study measures functional health of major body/organ systems pre and post NUCCA Atlas adjustment.  Our data clearly shows, this is a leading technique in improving the lives of Chronic Disease patients and overall health functioning.    
  • Biofilm/”Ropeworm” pathogen component analysis.  Numerous biofilm breaking techniques were monitored for their effectiveness.
  • Assessed the effectiveness of supplements and pharmaceutical drugs on addressing biochemical and mineral irregularities
  • Assessed the biofeedback therapy function of Metatron 4025M systems on PTSD and Sexual Abuse victims.  The results were remarkable.
  • A study on gall bladder and bile duct health, pathogenic causes, and the use of various enema procedures, Liver/Gallbladder flushes, and suppositories to alleviate symptoms and improve functional health
  • Monitoring the effects of geoengineering on biochemical indices.
  • Assessed the effectiveness of ozone therapies and hyperbaric oxygen therapy on athletic performance.  The effectiveness of Metatron itself in finding and addressing health issues, and thus unlocking hidden reserves was assessed.  The results were astonishing! 
  • Pilot Study of 8 Vegans who had been vegan longer than 3 years. All of them had nutrient deficiencies and all showed the condition “Anemia”.