How does Metatron compare
with other NLS Diagnostic Devices?

  Our’s Their’s

Patented Technology?






All counterfeiters use a poorly built copy of our obsolete 25+ year old trigger system. Why? Because they have no patents and no real knowledge

European Union Medical
Device Directive 93/42/EEC


Certification #CE583051
Verify at: BSI Germany

In fact, every counterfeiter shows blurry certifications or completely fraudulent documentation.  Always confirm with regulatory agencies!…

ISO 13485 Certification?


BSI Certification #: MD583050
Verify at:

…this is a falsified SZU Manufacturing Certificate  from Diacom

FDA Registration?


FDA Registered since 2012: Registration #3009475597
Verify at:

100% Not Ever. This image from Alibaba shows that a Chinese counterfeiter can spell “FDA”

Trademarks and Copyrights?


All Metatron systems have applicable trademarks and copyrights

Fake University Diplomas are not Copyrights! Yet another Manufacturer seems to think so


*Note: When choosing a Non-linear Diagnostic Device one should verify any and all claims made by companies with the applicable regulatory agency