Corporate Social Responsibility

CDRF LOGOAt NPD International we feel it is imperative for corporations in the medical industry to act more as humanitarians than profit seeking firms. Therefore we support NGO’s that are dedicated to medical research, public health education and/or medical training. More specifically, in 2013, we sponsored the Chronic Disease Research Foundation’s “2013 International Chronic Disease Conference” which fostered communication amongst medical and technology leaders from the USA, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Iran and Germany. The main goal was to develop new integrative treatment strategies to improve chronic disease patient outcomes.

It is imperative to us that our main business partner and Metatron supplier, the Institue of Practical Psychophysics (IPP), also share our view on corporate behavior. Through are corporate due diligence process of the IPP, we discovered the following amazing story. After attending MedExpo 2012 Kenya, the Health Ministry of Kenya took in interest in the uniqueness of the Metatron Systems, especially its portability and rapid examination capabilities. After discussions with the Kenyan Government the IPP led a humanitarian mission to the remote territories of the Kilimanjaro foothills, where they performed examinations of the Masaii Tribesman.

Masaii Chidren Masaii Tribe Members Masaii Tribe Members2