Our initial users are primarily medical practitioners familiar with Applied Kinesiology, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), Energy Medicine or TCM, and wished to augment their methods with modern scientific capabilities. Compared to traditional manual techniques, our systems provide:


Speed Speed.
More thorough health information is obtained in a shorter period of time
Impartial Impartial.
Unaffected by a practitioners own skill, health issues or biased notions
Accuracy Accuracy.
Scan assessment validates the patient experience with consistency
Knowledge Knowledge.
Immense medical database comprised of multiple modalities
Standardized Standardized.
Share and compare assessment results with fellow practitioners
Therapy Therapy.
Biofeedback capability allows mitigation of psychosomatic conditions


Our products are already use by:

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MDs, NDs, DCs, RNs,
PsyDs and TCM
Shape 17 img
Health & Wellness Resorts
Shape 12 img
Fitness centers and spas
Shape 13 img
Scientific research centers
Shape 14 img
Integrative Medical Clinics
Shape 18 img
Oriental Medicine Centers
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Sports Medicine
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Distributors of
homeopathic medicines
and dietary supplements