Metatron Intruder

This entry level model (release date 2018) focuses on microorganisms and helminths activity analysis and evaluation of their resistance to modern antimicrobial and antiparasitic preparations.  Intruder is for Western Medicine users, be they Naturopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, or Pharmacists, and allows a quick return on investment.  As with all Metatron models, Intruder has an intuitively obvious Windows user interface with all functions marked by easily remembered visually distinct symbols, making the system even suitable for home users. 

The importance of Nonlinear Diagnostics (“NLS”) technology is evidenced by the appearance of super bacteria (resistant to all known antibiotics), and viruses for which humans have no natural resistance.  Metatron’s express-evaluation of activity and resistance of a large number of pathogenic micro-organisms against all existing antibacterial (anti-parasitic) preparations simultaneously via its computer modeling algorithims, may become the only possible alternative to current medical evaluation methods.

Major changes in “Intruder” software compared to its predecessor “Hunter” include:

✅Navigation System of pseudo-3D visualization, including more than 100 new organ cross cut models.

✅12 point Fleinders visual evaluation scale showing BOTH anabolic and catabolic processes

✅Graphic representation of etalons types by criteria: anabolic/catabolic and dry/wet.

✅Automatic creation of a health analysis report (scan summary) with three levels of detailing.

✅Extended Microorganisms database, separate etalons groups for “Viruses”, “Helminthes” and “Fungi”.

✅Automatic search for most active bacteria, viruses, helminthes.

✅New etalons groups added: “Antibacterial preparations”, “Antiviral preparations”, “Antiparasitic preparations” and “Antifungal preparations”.

✅Feature of quick selection of standard crosscuts added.

✅Improved mathematical model of hardware data processing.

✅Improved algorithms of affected areas location with consideration of a process type (anabolic/catabolic).

✅New system of tissues proliferation evaluation in young patients.

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Metatron Intruder User Interface

The subject’s biofeedback graphs are shown in the bottom right corner and are simultaneously converted into the more easily understood 12-point Fleindler scale which is shown on the virtual anatomical models. This intuitive graphical user interface allows the practitioner to easily navigate to different parts and levels of the body. The readily identifiable icons and simple navigation allow proficiency of use in mere hours.

Microorganism/Parasite Research

When a dysfunctional area is identified through biofeedback wave spectrum analysis, in this case in the small intestine, the Intruder software automatically scans for microorganisms/parasites, in this case a frequency match with Cronobacter sakazakii was discovered.  Subsequently, the next phase of biofeedback to the histological level will occur if necessary.  This latter function is known as Automated 3D-Spiral Scanning and the process will continue to deeper levels if the dysfunction continues to persist.  



New Visualization Method and Evaluation Scale

An exciting new NLS technological development was the development of a new visalization method along with the new anabolic/catabolic 12 point Fleindler evaluation scale.  Metatron practitioners are familiar with the color coded shapes used to evaluate organ/cell functional health, but now Intruder software more clearly identifies the extent of pathology with a continuous color scale (as seen on this model of the stomach). 

Comparative Analysis

This function is very popular with patients as they can quickly see the amount of improvement of their organ/cell wave spectrum or in this case the showing of the reduction in adaptive mechanisms of the virus (also viewed by Metatron as a wave spectrum).

  • ISO 13485 certified Bioinducters with trigger sensor
  • ISO 13485 certified Metatron 4025 hardware system
  • Power supply unit for device, network adapter for laptop, USB-cable
  • Technical documentation (88 page user’s manual and technical passport)
  • HP ProBook series Laptop with installed software (*the laptop is only used to operate Metatron. All non-Metatron computer functions have been disabled)
  • Magnetic Resonance Cup for making homeopathics
  • Basic Training Package