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USA Patent 2003  
Russian Patent  
Information in the Structure of the Universe  

The article says that no scientist who dealt with basic studies of information could discover its physical essence and Information theory does not explain physical basics of this concept…

Nonlinear (NLS) Diagnostic Systems (basic physics and principles) edited  

At the present day, science and society as a whole have faced a problem of information overflow…

3D NLS-Graphy of Digestive Organs  
NLS and Transurfing – Towards Quantum Psychology  
On the Nature of Psychophysical Phenomena in the Light of Theodore Van Hoven  
Entropy Logic Theory – Edward Krick  

Edward Krick was born in 1945 in India. In 1968 he graduated from Puna University…

Theory of Quantum Entropic Logic – Triumph of Modern Natural Science  

The theory of quantum entropic logic of Professor Theodore van Hoven, the quantum physician and specialist in electronics, has become this very synthesis science.

Quantum Entropic Logic Theory and Quantum Computer

Information about latest scientific discoveries made by physicists can turn upside down human’s understanding of the reality.

Method of Biolocation Studies Accuracy Increasing  

Th e authors off ers a method to increase accuracy of biolocation studies by eff ect of impulse lowfrequency unipolar magnetic fi eld with controlled by operator parameters exercised on both hemispheres of biolocation operator’s brain